Hi! I’m Steve,
a former Forbes contributor
based in Philly
I'm going to help you.

A little about me

Steve Olenski is a 20+ year highly creative, imaginative and passionate writing professional. He's worked on everything from a Super Bowl TV spot to a mom & pop radio spot & all points in between. He considers Social Media to be just one part of the overall marketing communications arsenal.

He has worked extremely hard to become a senior content strategist for Tork Media and published author/blogger for such well-known and popular magazines/websites such as Ad Age, Ad Week, Forbes, Social Media Today, Business 2 Community, Marketing Profs in addition to Business Insider as well as many others.


Step 1: Initial Interview

 After you've talked to my partner Adam, you'll then be directed to schedule a time directly with me to start the work of interviewing you. This can take up to 2 hours via phone/zoom, and will be recorded. I use this process to extract all the knowledge and authority out of your head and into written words

Step 2: Authority Mag

 After you've been interviewed, I'll compile all your answers into a complete story that will get published on Authority Mag. I will use this published piece as the launch board for the next step in the process:

Step 3: Syndication

 Now that your full interview on Authority Mag has been published, it's time for the 'network effect'. We literally take your main interview, and repurpose it across 20 different sites, many of which you've heard of but we can't say here for privacy reasons.


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