"We couldn't be happier with the Tork Media Distribution Network."
Tony Robbins' SEO team.

"We've been using the Tork Media Distribution network for over 3 years, and love it."
SEO.com team

We help SEO agencies build 10x more authority links in 30 days, guaranteed to never drop, with the Tork Media Distribution Network.

How Tork Media Works

Instant Publishing

With your own logins on over 170 different authority sites, there's no waiting to see if your content is live. It publishes instantly. Your content will stay live years after it's published as well.

Comfy Collaboration

You have a personal account manager, available every day, M-F, and we're all in Utah, US of A. By email, phone or smoke signal.

Transparent Pricing

$2500 a month. No contracts, cancel anytime. There's a price lock guarantee as well.

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Tork Media's Owner

Adam Torkildson

Schedule a call directly with Adam to learn about our sites and how to use them. Adam has worked at SEO.com, and a few other digital agencies over the years. He has first hand experience with helping agency owners solve some of their most vexing, time consuming, expensive problems. That's why he created the services and products at Tork Media.

"My SEO agency has been using the Tork Media network for years. We love using it for several reasons. One being the speed with which my team can publish content." Jason Hennessy, Founder and CEO Hennessy Digital. 

"My Online Reputation Management company has been using the Tork Media network for years. We love how easy it is to publish content on our schedule, and that it ranks and indexes so quickly every single time." Devan Leos, Founder Undetectable.AI

"My Digital Marketing agency uses the Tork Media network for press releases, guest posts, PR, features, niche edits, and everything else related to publishing content online quickly on 3rd party quality sites." Nick Riggs, Pneuma LLC.